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lectron carb review The boot has been rubbing the paint from the shock spring. Today, Lectron continues to build upon these innovations and supplies both professional racers and weekend warriors with technology that improves torque, horsepower, and fuel economy while adjusting for atmospheric conditions. 2020 Yamaha TW200 Review: While it's not likely the first dual-sport motorcycle a new buyer looks at, this authentically retro machine may be just right. If it works as good on a 4t as it does on a 2t then it is a real gem. 0:56. Harley Carb with Gen II idle circuit 33 Barnett Throttle Cable to fit Harley style throttles 3 Bolt Air Filter Adapter (Universal bolt patterns) 2 Bolt Manifold adapter (will also fit stock manifolds) Metering Rod Adjustment Tool Shims to adjust . It consists of two proprietary needles, a spare needle clip, detailed instructions with a jetting guide and a selection of main and pilot jets. They were even offered as factory H-D performance upgrade options in the 80s on new bikes. Aluminum adapters are machined here at XR's Only and installed onto the bell-housings for your intake manifold and air-boot. About: With new ownership and innovative people at the helm of this amazing company, Lectron carbs have gotten a huge 'reboot' and have further developed there ranges of carburetors to suit a wider range of vehicles and now offer minimal tuning; making most applications 'plug & play' compatible straight . The install guide says to cut the boot back if needed, but for my application, I don’t think that’s necessary. I'll have to consider another brand. Lectron has been manufacturing high performance fuel systems in the United States since 1974. Compare Products . Includes:. We love Lectron carburettors so we brought them to the UK. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 9 of 9 Posts. Lectron Carburetor Kit KTM 85SX All Years. Available in 38mm, 40mm, 44mm. Lectron Fuel Systems HD250 Carburetor - HD250. I . Be the first to review “LECTRON Fuel System – Four Stroke” Cancel reply. Yeah, I'd like to see if anyone has had any success with the Lectron/Smart carb on a DR650 as well. About this product. Add $400 for large billet induction bells. Lectron Carb - Test, Tune and Review, KTM 330 SX Hey everyone, The folks at Lectron Fuel Systems have provided us with a couple 38MM Carbs for project builds, testing and review. First, we pay for $500 for a new carb, it sucks to add another $40 to this carb set up. Brand new. 800" to clear the starter. US$14. 110,816 likes · 4,478 talking about this · 28 were here. 568 3. Avid carb heater (made for the lectron) and you will be pleased as punch. Joined Sep 15, 2009 · 1,692 Posts . 72 Posts. Lectron Adjustable Power Jet Carburetor. See full list on vitalmx. This calculator is designed to give the engine's air intake volume requirements. I love my Lectron, it was true bolt on and go. "This is due to the nature of the items i sell nd hand and probably used condition can be subjective, however the main terms used are". The Web's most trusted source for Triumph America Carburetors. Phiddy. If you are not 100% confident in your tuning skills, I would buy . Made in USA. I like this idea for the lectron carb. Slide 1 of 19: Described at the time as a supercar, it was the first vehicle of this type the company had ever attempted, yet it has a place in history as . to a point. 550 SnS Super E Tjet Flange Bolt HD-Series Carburetor Kit - Part Number HD300 (426052) by LECTRON. 2 Reviews. LECTRON FUEL SYSTEMS 1462-HV Lectron Fuel Systems 2-Stroke Carbs Carb 38HV, Metering Rod 4-2, Cable 10mm long. Includes 42mm carb, airbox adapter and chrome cover. Available in Parts Department at www. 937 Spigot 2. Way more power at all points. SKU: 1656. BEST MOD FOR YOUR DIRTBIKE! - Lectron Carb. You are able to sign up oneself on Jamendo Neighborhood and review and share your views on the positioning. 00. This is what riders refer to as “bottom end. It must be remembered that AMA rules require stock carbs, but can be modified. Use a Mikuni 48mm manifold when possible. The sidedraft FCRs feature a flatslide throttle operating on roller bearings in a smoothbore venturi. See all machines that fits this item under the fitment tab below. 99 US$16. Don't know your application, but on a Bombardier DS650 quad that was bored and stroked to a 770, the Lectron 48 was probably one of the best upgrades made. 99 US$17. LECTRON FUEL SYSTEMS 1462-HV Lectron Fuel Systems 2-Stroke Carbs Carb 38HV, Metering Rod 4-2, Cable 10mm long . The Lectron is much smaller than the FCR that I am using at the top side of it. Coming from a Mikuni I was constantly messing with jetting and the accelerator pump. $1,995. Banshee Complete Lectron Carb Kit34mm Lectron carbs set up for MX/Dune/Trail/Some drag big bore with pipesBillet intake manifolds with boots and boltsK&N style hi flow 6 inch large air filtersBlack pre-filtersLectron carb custom throttle cableAdjustable power jet means no more opening carb to tu Wood Performance King Carburetors - 40. Lectron is celebrating 45 years of helping riders get the most from their . I also had to push it back towards the airbox by . Limited Supply: only 4 remaining. (55) Lectron. So it takes quite a bit of cranking (about 15-20 cranks) for the mechanical fuel pump to pull fuel all the way from the tank and fill the bowl. The Lectron is longer though. 1451-HV. Some bikes may have fit issues using the supplied 2 bolt . Clean the fuel selector valve or replace. This generates higher velocity, more fuel lift, and a faster, torquier hit immediately off idle without being snappy or uncontrollable. Our review section features our products line where we feel customers are keen to find out more about the featured product. Some bikes may have fit issues using the supplied 2 bolt S&S adapter for the HD 400 kit with stock tanks. Lectron makes the best carburetors on the market, so ensure your bike performs at its best with an industry leading carburetor. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Lectron - 1409-HV - 38HV 2-Stroke Carburetor. Article and photos by Mitch “Magoo” Bodine. just put the Lectron HV carb on the kid's 2017 150SX because we have some upcoming races at various elevations. Twist the grip on your Twin Cam‚ and Unleash the Power - It’s a blast to ride!_x000D_ _x000D_ In compliance with ARB emissions laws, this product is not sold or shipped to California. 9. Make an offer: Brand New. Enter the anticipated maximum safe engine RPMs, typically known as red line. full range throttle position pertentiometer for use with lectron carbs or other separate carbs. There was a small section on the lid/cover which had been shaved off by the guys at Lectron (made no difference toward fitment). If you're sick of jetting carbs, here's your solution! What we do is we work with lectron 1on1, to custom build your carb to spec. I am putting a 36mm modified Lectron carb with August 2015 dirtbike updates. The 30mm Lectron is our go-to carb for all 85-112cc Engines. When using a Lectron you will experience – Full range linear throttle performance Yes, it is a definite upgrade from a stock carb, both in top performance due to a larger, less restrictive bore (stock BSR CV is a 36mm, the Lectron can be a 39) and the Lectron is a flat slide carb. 2018 300 RR Lectron 38mm HV carb w/ 4-2m set @ 2. Lots of discussions about the benefits of running a Lectron carb had us doing our research. #5. 3 out of 5 stars from 3 genuine reviews on Australia's largest opinion site ProductReview. Lectrons provide superior throttle response and power delivery . Cart - OEMdirtbikeparts. *Our taper bore squeezes the air to increase speed and create fuel lift behind our flat metering rod. 764 members in the XR650L community. LECTRON carburettors. Review of the Lectron carburetor after using it for several months. My son still rides the quad at Glamis. Maximum air velocity is obtained at the point . I am giving this item a 2 star for a couple of reasons. The Lectron came to market in 1974. Do you want to know why is the best . Barnett Throttle Cable to fit Harley style throttles. The Lectron carb uses a tapered, half cylin – drical shaped metering rod that automatical – ly adjusts the proper amount of fuel required for various throttle positions. 026 Boyesen Rad Valve no spacer Power Valve Adj. Lectron metering rods are designed to meet the high performance needs of any racing bikes that make use of Lectron Carburettors. Harley Carbs . Im guessing poor throttle response on a 250 2 stroke with a 40mm carb is in the tuning, not the size. 245 Flange 3. The bore of the Lectron® carb is not straight, but incorporates a taper to increase the air velocity. OVERALL REVIEW The throttle response with the Lectron cannot be beat, it is in my opinion snappier than the Mikuni VM34, and WAY more responsive than a stock CV carb. Mike's Carburetor Parts is the number one online retailer for all carburetor parts for popular brands. I'm saving up for the bigger mods (exhaust, carb and big bore - they seem to all be about $700-1000CAD) but I'm getting the itch to tinker. Add To Cart. Re: Lectron carbs?? by Enmerdeur » Tue Jan 31, 2017 9:22 pm mtdirtbag wrote: I think the only thing that gives me pause is what Dyrtmon discussed on low end delivery - such as in steep climbs. the learning curve was steep to tune a Lectron/EI as there was a bunch of different needle profiles and only a few main jets. Product Description. There has been a lot of people shopping for alternatives to their OEM Keihin carburetors. DRZ400SM jetting and friends. Now it's $800. The Lectron carb is longer than stock, so It wrinkles the boot from the airbox. Lectron is not only the first metering rod carburetor, but it was also the first flat slide carburetor designed for motorcycles. And yes you can order the lectron in straight or taper bore you just look on your carb there will be 2 numbers on one side that is the size of the intake and exhaust ie you can get 38/40, or 40/40 Lectron boasts better fuel economy, and improved performance with their design. Justin said his fuel range on rides is excellent since installing the Lectron. Begin with, all carbs will be mounted to the barrel with a Mikuni rubber flange VM 30-34 (38 in the case of a G. imported from lectron us and never fitted. If you aren't . F1MOTO is an online retailer specialising in hard parts for racing applications, on or off the track. We specialize in Yamaha Banshee, Blaster, Raptor 660, 700, and YFZ450 parts. Decided on the Lectron Carb… It isn’t cheap. Fitting these kits requires the owner or mechanic to have a basic understanding and ability to drill and tap the stock carb. Upgrading an S&S 111 from the Super E to the HD 400 Lectron will require swapping to the Mikuni 48mm push in manifold. Lectron Fuel Systems, Boerne, Texas. Fittment: It's not a direct fit, but it's not too difficult to install. FBG Lectron Downdraft carb set includes cables, Quick throttle, grips, fuel line, and manifolds. Lectron 16A 21ft J1772 Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger. This month our featured product is the brilliant LECTRON carburetor . Discount code . Lectron 3500W Inverter Generator: 3. 99 18% Off 10mm Trimmer Carburetor For Echo SRM 260S 261S Lawn Carb W/ Gasket #BC4401DW 7 reviews. I researched . Check out our Facebook page where we announce new products, links to articles, and more! Triumph America Carburetors at BikeBandit. In either case, something that will keep up with a 1400cc stroker with Andrews B cam and 11. 5:1 pistons. - lightweights (8. What the Lectron proved to me was you don't need an accelerator pump on a 4 stroke engine for crisp instant throttle response. If this works people could sell the used FCR for more than they could buy a Lectron and pocket some money, have a better running bike that is super EZ to work on. A good thing has my airboox is stretched to the max with the AS2 and no reed spacer. BREW is a registered trademark and NO images or use without written consent. You can often create a donation to your preferred artist for that keep track of you like quite possibly the most. lectrons are inexpensive and super simple. Lectron Fuel Systems 2-Stroke Carbs 1461-HV Lectron's H-Series carb slides work in conjunction with an increased bore taper to create more air flow (CFM) at low throttle positions. Second, I installed this choke with ease. Brew Bikes LLC 828-406-6668 Phone & Text. I think the 38's would work very well not sure if it would be a big improvement over the 39 pwks except for the tuneability. COD. The design of the Lectron® is focused on two primary principles: “AMPLIFY” the fuel pick up signal. 8 ounces) When autocomplete results are available use up and down arrows to review and enter to select. Because of the angle of the head spicots, it took a while but was more than worth the effort. 920 Mikuni HSR45 Spigot 1. Discussion Starter · #1 · Nov 20, 2009. Having run Lectron carbs for at least 20 years i cant imagine running one on a DR, or anything street worthy for that matter that you want good off idle performance! I ran them on my dragbikes, one made about 180hp, the other about 230hp, they are a great race carb, IE at WOT they work great and do make very good HP. _x000D_ Carb Name Back Type Carb Mount Carb Front Type AC Mount Carb Front to Back Length Keihin 40mm CV Spigot 1. I understand that I didn't have to but it would of been nice in my opinion that Lectron just add this in the kit. eBay Product ID (ePID) 25040268297. Just wanted to pass along how delighted I am with the Lectron carb you provided me. Add to Cart. Current slide 1 of 1- Top picked items. After all, the old PJ carb is outdated at this point. Fuel Ox Infinity Lube spray lube review. We have recently become an offical importer of the LECTRON and feel its worthy of a rigorous review of its capabilities, which have astonished the staff . Can’t say enough about how large a change its made in the bike. Oeverall the ride-ability of the Lectron was a big leg up over the stock carb. I also purchased the custom throttle cable from Lectron. Click on image to zoom. £499. Lectron Fuel Systems HD400 Carburetors are the smallest bore carburetor recommended for smaller bore motors or for more torque in larger motors. The adjustment tool is highly recommended for easy tuning. “UTILIZE” the amplified fuel pick-up signal to create a more efficient burnable mixture. Installed the Lectron on my 06 200 last week and could not get the carb settled upright. I made a manifold out of stainless tubing. 7:07. 00 – $ 824. Lectron carburettors push the boundaries of the carburettor 'Technology' improving torque, horsepower, and fuel economy by 'Self Atmospheric Adjusting' and 'Self Tuning' with no main jets, no pilot jets, no jet . Overview: The Lectron carburetor compensates for altitude, temperature, and other atmospheric conditions, but some initial tuning may be required. Enter the designation of displacement, 1 for cubic inches or 2 for cubic centimeters. Details: lectron, gasgas, bored, every . Pics and hopefully a review will be coming soon! It is also going to hurt when I pick it up at the suspension shop LOL. The XC-W line already had lost their carburetors a year ago, so the only KTM motorcycles that will not be fuel injected for 2020 are the . ATV. I installed the part and after a quick idle adjustment, the bike ran better than I thought it could. ~Barry S. A unique jet less carburettor. Because of these characteristics, the Lectron has gained popularity among two-stroke machine owners, enduro riders, and as a solution for certain carbs that are particularly hard to jet correctly. . Why Carson didn't use an KX250F aluminum frame or a 144cc kit, but did use Showa air forks and an Lectron carb Read More. Lectron Promo from Baja. 42-10 1994 to 2004 Sportster 1200. These are the most popular performance single carburetors in the sport of motorcycling. Bitingdog and GoFASTER like this. The Smart carb wasn't available when I was in the market. 10,772 likes · 8 talking about this · 1 was here. Went from a stock carb on my Drz400 to a lectron thanks to some paid advertising YouTube influencer. The Web's most trusted source for Triumph Thruxton Carburetors. I only paid about $150 then. I first used Lectron carbs in the late 70’s on two various two stroke street and race bikes. Although the stock carb worked okay, its factory set-up was way too lean and laggy, and I could never seem to get it adjusted optimally—especially for high-altitude variations or heavy loads. The Lectron® is a little shorter than the OEM Suzuki® carb, so getting the air boot on and stretched enough was a challenge. 550 Mikuni HSR48 Spigot 2. These are the ultimate racing carburetors for all downdraft applications. com FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases Lectron H-Series Kits, 4-Stroke Carbs, Harley Davidson Carbs, Apex Cylinder Heads, Boyesen RAD Valve, Funnelweb Filter Lectron Fuel Systems HD400 Carburetor - HD400. 42-18 1999 to present Twin Cam, 199 0to ‘99 Big Twin Evo Includes 42mm carb, air box adapter, instructions. ***** William Edmonston invented the metering rod carb concept that includes the Lectron and ended with the AFT carb. Proudly powered by Weebly. Lectron HD Power Jet 250 (54CI-76CI). Enter the engine displacement size for the designation. I was gonna say Lectron or convert a Kehin or Mikuni slide carb. Harley Carb with Gen II idle circuit. Mikuni VM Round Slide Carburetors. $889. Please specify rod number. If you have a large motor that needs a lot of gas fast, you NEED these so you wont suck the stock bowls dry and harm your motor. Reviews. Auto Altitude compensating 2. Lectron Carburetor for 1995-2007 Honda CR 250R Carb 38HV 1462-HV World Champion Drag Race Carburetor and Throttle Stop Technology. 40mm. Upgrading an S&S 111 from the Super E to the HD 400 Lectron will require swapping to the Mikuni 48mm push in manifold. The smartcarb is superior over lectron because 1. The kits include: H-Series 4 Stroke Carb Throttle Cable Throttle Assembly *Lectrons provide superior throttle response and power delivery by utilizing our patented metering rod. KTM 200SX Lectron 38mm H Series Carburettor. We can provide an extensive range of Lectron metering rods, just specify the rod number you need. Lectron by F1 Moto - Lectron by F1 Moto . Browse our library of automotive, truck, marine, industrial, and agricultural carburetor parts to find what you need . the thunder jet adds another fuel curcuit, making it more like the cv or mikuni, more efficient. 2. T. LECTRON CARB. GS1100 / 1150 All 39mm (H) 16-560 Discontinued. Jacl-Kampuchea , Oct 22, 2015. Use 100% stainless clamps. Includes 42mm carb, with special air box . @a_moreli4 rippin' holeys at @arizonacyclepark on his Lectron equipped KTM 65! "Had a blast racing yesterday @arizonacyclepark. We have virtually every single Banshee part in our extensive used inventory, and it’s all ready to ship on a moments notice. Stock photo. Mods are seperated into 4 stages. i. Add an inline fuel filter. These carburetors are Dyno tested and ready to run. $ 561. 810 Flange 2. Wish List Compare. call us us if you need tech support Metering Rod. After discussing with Justin and one other friend then reading lots of good reviews. The 87 carb can be modified to work as good as the 88+. Lectron Carb Review – Written by Singletrack Slayerz exclusively for Mototerre. On a 2008 KTM 300 XC. Fits my 2017 KTM 300. Our Price. the S&S is a basic, simple, old tech carb, very easy to tune, which is why it is popular, the mikuni is more difficult to to tune, a bunch more time required to set up, but worth it if you're fussy. For example a stock 2013 KTM 300 6 days now gets nearly 20 more miles out of a fillup! Why else?? Because when you start your ride at 3000′ and head up to nearly 13,000′ in just a few hours you cant be changing jetting 3 or 4 times throughout the . Lectron / Product Reviews I’ve been wanting to try a Lectron carb for a while now on my vintage Honda. Product Details. Yz 250 Lectron 250 2t Lectron. Mikuni's VM Series round slide single carburetors have proven themselves as the performance standard for use in any single cylinder motorcycle and ATV application for motocross, Enduro and trail riding, to flat track racing and road racing on both 2 . I got the email the other day stating the Lectron carb for the KDX was available again. Kind of hurt when I hit the "purchase" button, but I am pumped to finally join the club. “AMPLIFY” the fuel pick up signal. Idle Screw: Welcome To F1moto Distributors of Lectron Carburettors. Buy Lectron Adjustable Power Jet Carburetor Kit +3" Cable: Jets - Amazon. There are no reviews for this product. This generates higher velocity, more fuel lift, and a faster, torquier hit immediately . The truck should fire right up but after sitting for a few days (or maybe longer) the float bowl in the carburetor is empty. The other choice are VM type Mikuni racing carbs and Lectron carbs. 30mm Vs 28mm Carburetor Comparison, You cant broadcast them. The kit includes: Harley Carb with our Gen II idle circuit. $799. Lectron 4-stroke carburetors are now available for sale! Now 2T and 4T carbs are available for every bike, vehicle and custom application in the market where carbureted aspiration is needed to power your petrol, ethanol, or racing fueled engines. Be the first to write a review. 99. 30 Days. P. But when I found out that our new KTM was coming with a Mikuni TMX38 I was worried and started thinking about alternatives. 3 Bolt Air Filter Adapter (Universal bolt . About Us. ATM Innovation NEXT Generation In High Performance Carburetors and Fuel Systems. The Slavens Mule H-Series Lectron Power-Jet Carburetor is your best performance option for `17+ KTM/Husqvarna 2 stroke models. It’s not much, and If it does affect airflow negatively, the power gains compensate for it. The info is out there, pick your poison and decide how good of a carb tuner you are to decide your route. If necessary, a local fabrication or machine shop can easily do this work. (Stage 2) The front side of the carb is Taper Bored to 41mm to increase flow by 15% then intake . #13 · Nov 1, 2003. 4. It’s a 100% great item. We’ve struggled to understand just how, so we read up on Lectron’s sales literature hoping that would help. Shop Slavens Racing for all of our Lectron Carburetor offerings! Only available at Slavens Racing. 36mm SC2 SmartCarb. Lectron Carbs. The 2019 250XC is the last carbureted off-road bike that KTM will offer. Current price $191. Emissions 3. 565 3. I was very tired of the carb problems with the 750! About a month ago I converted to a single 38mm Mikuni CV carb. I have personally been asked repeatedly about detailed info on this Carb. Twin Cam and Evo engines require the use of an aftermarket air cleaner. 07. Kind of, it did. Opitonal jetting is also included one up and down on both pilot and main jets. BREW Bikes LLC - Home. Warranty. Includes 30mm carburetor , metering rod adjustment tool, allen wrenches for top cover and float bowl screws. Discussion Starter · #1 · Aug 3, 2014. Then back in 2010 I used one of my leftovers on a Shovelhead build. Lectron disrupted the industry when it began in 1974 by developing two carburetor firsts: the flat slide and the flat metering rod. The SmartCarb and Lectron carburetor are closely related. But for now – just wow! Cost: ’98-16 KTM/Husqvarna two-strokes: US $385. The kit from Lectron® came with the carb, an intake adapter, Domino throttle and aluminum throttle tube, throttle cams, and a new throttle cable designed to work with the Domino throttle and Lectron® carb. com The Lectron carburetor will still provide full power, smooth power delivery, and reliability that will seemingly never change once it’s dialed in. here is what it came out as. Verify carburetor is set to stock settings: Idle mixture screw, 11/4 turns from lightly seated. When you make this order, please let us know the following so we can best determine the size/metering rod you need. Using pliers to make adjustments can scratch the metering rod and alter the fuel delivery characteristics. If not done yet: Replace the gray Tempo gas lines. Clean the factory fuel filter. This service takes us about an hour, but we want to get the carb as close . Enter the volumetric efficiency of the engine. The Lectron carb, which hit the racing scene in 1977, had the goal of smoothing the transition from a separate idle system to the main system, often a difficult period. We rode this KTM 300 with Lectron and today we will ride it with K. I found that if you take the stock lip out of the inside of the stock airboot it will slide further into the boot thus allowing you to switch back to the stock carb easier. brewdude@brewracingframes. Lectron/EI carbs, all the metering is on the needle, no idle circuit, this is a race carb from the late 70's to early 80's, some were painted blue. If you own a Honda XR650L this is the subreddit for you. 5 thru 45mm Carbs for Harley-Davidson - 43. For Harley Models 54-76 Cubic Inch Motors. ” It is the meat of the powerband for off-road riding, and creates faster acceleration out of corners for all disciplines. Lectron uses a special metering rod system that automatically adjusts for elevation and temperature change. Each carb kit comes with a 130 main and a 15 pilot which fits most appilications. . Save $8. Remembering the 70s flat slide carbs and loving them (although I couldn't afford one at the time, thus the Stromberg) I love the looks of the Lectron carb. Part Number [id] (6) $9. It . I'm am not a fan of lectrons, they never seem to run consistantly across the rpm range. The story of the magnificent Acura NSX. This generates higher velocity, more fuel lift, and a faster, torquier hit immediately off idle . WOW!! have only taken it up and down the street a few times but it was a noticable improvement. Known for making strong, consistent power, Lectron has dominated sports like two-stroke motocross, enduro, and drag racing. KEIHIN CARBURETORS. 5 and 45mm Rebel Race paks Lectron Fuel Systems 2-Stroke Carbs - 38HV, Cable 8mm. With the Lectron its a much more natural fit. $475. Went 1-1 in 65 Open and 1-2 in 65 10-11. Got the Lectron dialed in and haven't touched it since. 95. Part Type. It worked GREAT! Lots of power. I ride in the mountains each summer with 4-6k elevation change, the Lectron is like mechanical FI. This kit includes a Lectron carb and a throttle cable. When riding fast I can get 12 to 15 MPG with stock carb, 18 to 22 on a regular riding day. Luckily had a friend in the USA coming back and saved on tax and postage. Certainly lots of mixed reviews in other applications (Like Crash's above) and of course the reports on the internet that pre-sliced bread was a boring leap forward compared to this carb. The bore of the Lectron® carb is not straight but incorporates a taper to increase the air velocity. the carb worked but after riding my friends with a fcr39mm I couldn’t deal with bottom end power loss from the lectron carb. The experience with the Lectron has been transformative. We have made our product much more refined and user friendly with our new Gen II 4 Stroke kits. (0) Reviews: Write first review. #6. Self compensating for temperature & altitude. If the Lectron really can run as good or better than the FCR that would be fantastic. Known for making strong, consistent power, Lectron has dominated sports like two stroke motocross, enduro, and drag racing. Description. Only for `17-19 (and `20-21 125cc) models. Flush Renagade 110 XamaX racing oil premixed @ 32-1 for break-in Lectron carburetors have been tested in house at Hygge Performance, and pair perfectly with a HYGGE Performance two stroke cone pipe. I did not however experience the big improvement in gas mileage as per the KTM 2 strokes I run Lectrons on. The title says it all. The kit from Lectron® came with the carb, an intake adapter, Domino throttle and aluminum throttle tube, throttle cams, and a new throttle cable designed to work with the Domino throttle and Lectron® carb; The Lectron® is a little shorter than the OEM Suzuki® carb, so getting the air boot on and stretched enough was a challenge. In layman’s terms, this carb straight barks. If you are interested in trying a Lectron carburetor for an off-road application, please check out the information and reviews below. *Our simple design does not incorporate multiple jets to replace. engine). All other associations have no limits. It explains a lot on carbs. The Lectron® carburetor, like other more conventional carbs, vents its float bowl through external vent/overflow hoses that hang down in front of the rear wheel. 4-STROKE CARBURETOR MODS. motorcycleid. Get information, directions, products, services, phone numbers, and reviews on Lectron Fuel Systems in Boerne, undefined Discover more Carburetors, Pistons, Piston Rings, and Valves companies in Boerne on Manta. 092 Spigot 2. You get the simplicity of a carb with the benefits of fuel injection! Lectron carbs provide higher peak horsepower, better bottom end torque, faster throttle response, better fuel efficiency, and of course you don't have to swap jets ever! Lectron Carburetors Australia, Appin, New South Wales. Oh almost forgot, the oem carb I removed was a 36mm Keihin with the Air Striker style fins. LECTRON FUEL SYSTEMS. 12:19. KSRRider2 · Registered. After the truck starts, i can shut it off and it will fire right back up all . (Unlike smartcarb) You can make the power whatever you want. In 1975, I installed a Lectron carb on my 1970 Harley ServiCar 45 c. After riding my 2011 200xcw (which I love) for a season I decided I wanted some more lugging power & the magic red button would be nice too. au. Original price $199. Lectron Fuel Systems - "Strong, Consistent Power" Earlier this year Tucker Powersports announced the addition of Lectron fuel systems to its list of offered brands. 020 3. My main reasons for the purchase are: 1) Ease of use and lack of need to adjust - I live in Fl (House is 16 feet above sea level, it's hot and humid!) but travel to Colorado (10k-13k feet above sea level, cool and dry!!) once a year for a week and up to NC/North Ga/ETC . 924 Keihin 51mm CV Spigot 2. Buy Banshee Lectron Billet Aluminum Carb Carburetor Bowls Oversized Ultra Capacity: Carburetors - Amazon. We are passionate about carburetor repairs and we want to share our passion with you. more grief than they were worth, very few guys got them to work right (flat track guys seemed to like them), an item thats . US$13. Totally different animal, much simpler and more efficient. We Sell The World's Best 'Jetless' Carburettor! Lectron leads the world in 'Flat Slide' and 'Flat Metering Rod' innovations. All up it came in at around 400 USD. The James Dean custom jetting kit is designed to improve throttle response throughout the range by using specially made . Lakewood, Co Lectron Carbs Australia Product Review . It’s a very special bit of kit and worthy of a thorough review, so that’s what we’ll give it in a coming issue. 30mm Vs 28mm Carburetor Comparison Lectron Fuel Systems. com Quick intro, I am mainly a woods and enduro rider. com In my experience so far and from what I've read on their reviews from others on their facebook pages the Lectron carb (once using the proper metering rod, which is the only piece to really have to worry about changing) has a much wider spectrum of usage than that of a jet setting on a traditional carb. The Lectron 40mm Power Jet Carburetor now comes complete with adjustable power jet. I apologize in advance for repeating questions but I've read through a few pages of questions and can't seem to find my answer. Stock carb powerband is like bog, braap Smartcarb is clean flat low power with ok mid top power. The adjustment tool is highly recommended in case you have to do any tuning. While the bike ran great, I knew deep down that it could be better. Carburetor Lectron High Velocity 30mm. Bikes swapped with Ultima 120 or similar engines may need to use a push-in Mikuni 48 manifold for fit with the HD 400 kits. and then they area huge pain in the arse to nail down details since there is only one changeable jet to the whole carb. So even at full throttle, the BSR still has a butterfly in the intake path that further restricts top end. Skip to Content. $ 699. Hey guys, in this video we will ride and compare 2019 KTM 300 xc with two different carbs. Lectron® is celebrating 45 years of helping riders get the most from their vehicles with its high-performance carburetors and EFI. com. Single track is my choice and I love if there are fallen tree’s to hop over or rock ledges to climb. If you ever measure MPG or range with Lectron please post your results. They are a direct fit in applications originally equipped with Keihin PE, PJ, PWK and Mikuni . 10,682 likes · 1 was here. Give your Twin Cam© 88 engine a major workout with our Muscle 95” Kit! Smooth, linear power is extracted from the TC88 with the installation of Zipper’s 95” EFI engine kit. three wheel meter maid trike. The late William “Red” Edmonston invented the Lectron carburetor after he first pioneered the metering rod carburetor concept with the Posa-Fuel and Lake Injector in 1967 and 1971, respectively. 4,623. | /. Self compensating for temperature &. Jet 300 (82CI-100CI). Add $400 for 48mm. Swapping to the earlier carb boot on the engine side makes it a little easier to install. 38mm H Series Velocity Carb. Lectron Carbs are of a metering rod design. Read it over and over. 3 of 3 members found this review helpful Wow, this carb is fantastic, after fouling a plug on a 100 degree muggy day in southeastern NC and baking in the sun while waiting for a buddy to bring a replacement back, I knew there had to be a better way than continuous rejetting every time the weather changed which in NC is every other day. This is for a set of 2 ULTRA CAPACITY billet aluminum bowls for any size aftermarket LECTRON carburetors. Lectron first disrupted the industry when it began in 1974 by . approx. Rideability is improved with a lighter stock spring for reduced forearm fatigue. LECTRON 38HV CARBURETOR REVIEW With most racers riding fuel injected four strokes and the rise of KTM and Husqvarna’s TPI bikes on the enduro scene, there isn’t much reason to be dealing with jets and needles anymore. Lectron ’s dyno testing has shown a 20% increase in torque and horsepower at 5000RPM compared to the outgoing 38HV on a KTM 250. After attempts to fix running issues with the bike in stock form, including different jetting specs and needle changes we decided it was time to check out our options. ***Best part that I've put on the bike so far. As for carb selection, bored stock zilla carb for trails/racing/duner, mikuni vm44 for real high power duner/hillshooter/drag and lectron for hill shooting and drags only. F1MOTO is partnered with Lectron Fuel Systems USA to bring the world's best 'Jettless' carburettor to the UK. -Mikuni 28 through 44mm VM Round Slide Carburetors (NOT vacuum style carbs)-Mikuni 33 and 34mm Flat Slide Carburetors-Mikuni 38 and 40mm Rack-Style Flat Slide Carbs-Mikuni 38mm TMX Carburetors-Mikuni 42 through 48mm HSR Carburetors-Lectron 36 and 38mm Carburetors – NEW STYLE-Lectron 34, 36 and 38mm Carburetors – OLD STYLE – Long Body Thanks Dave! First impressions were that it looked like a carb! Sitting beside the AS2 you can see they are similar in size. Around the time I met the folks from Lectron, I was having a few too many issues with the carb on my 2015 Suzuki DR650. ( 20 customer reviews) 36, 38, and 40mm SC2 SmartCarbs are designed to replace conventional carburetors in 2-stroke applications from 125cc up to 500cc or more. We’ve installed the Lectron Carb on our 2015 KTM 250 XC and our test rider extraordinaire Michael Allen is putting it through the paces . 122 Posts. Extreme enduro, two-stroke off road carburettor comparison test using Keihin, Lectron and SmartCarb systems with Cody Webb… Cody Webb’s explainer video jumps into the technical aspects of carburettors, specifically the standard Keihin on his Factory One Sherco versus “smart” carburettors from Lectron and SmartCarb. Lectron Carburetors Australia, Appin, New South Wales. Watch videos of carb rebuilding and cleaning on the Internet. For Big Mountain riding on a 2-stroke the Lectron carb is a must. definitely validated the jetting in the stock carb was junk (which i am learning is a Mikuni characteristic). These kits include a 2 bolt S&S style adapter, a 3 bolt air cleaner adapter (dual drilled for fit with OEM or S&S air cleaners), shims for the heads, and a . Schnitz Racing has all the motorcycle performance parts you need to Stay in FRONT! Engine parts, swingarms, nitrous, turbo kits, chain, sprockets, air shifters, exhaust kits and much more. The SmartCarb® vents its float bowl quite differently – from inside the airbox via a scoop/port located in the top of the venturi bell. The Lectron Carburetor is a unique jet-less carburetor that’s gained a cult following for needing minimal adjustment, being flexible enough to match drastically changing riding environments, and the solution to an array of hard to fix jetting issues. But Corey Dyess at SmartCarb authored and holds the patents for the SmartCarb; metering rod, Venturi algorithmic prediction, clicker adjuster and tip over valves. Either that, or a carb in the same position as the Stromberg (see pic). I ran the woods in Conroe. The crew at Lectron provided top-notch customer support. Lectron carbs have been made in USA since 1974. It leans outward about 20 degrees. 99 17% Off Carburetor Carb With Gasket Bulb For 43cc 47cc 49cc 50cc 2 Stroke Pocket Bike Scooter MAKITA DBC260L Brushcutter 31 reviews. 38hv 2-Stroke Carburetor. I purchased a Lectron Power Jet (size 38) carburetor last week. 736 3. Lectron is tunable for top end fueling separate from the low mid. Why? Well first off better gas mileage…Our riders have reported up to 30%. (Stage 1) This is where to start, carb is taken apart and checked, an adjustable leak jet is installed, cable operated fuel screw adjuster is added, accelerator pump is modified - $275. In a nutshell, when the power jet carbs were introduced on the TZ Yamaha Grand Prix racers (in 1979 on the TZ350F), they were a revelation. Wish I didn’t cut my tps wire so I could use the 2nd map plug in but still way better! Lectron Fuel Systems HD250 Carburetors are the smallest bore carburetor recommended for smaller bore motors or for more torque in larger motors. It and the other 2019 XCs, (the 300 and 150XC) were given Transfer Port Injection for the 2020 model year. Lectron, installed on our 2017 KTM 300 XC I have been vehemently against putting anything other than a stock carburetor on any motorcycle forever. 33in. I installed a Lectron Fuel Systems carburetor on a 2017 Husqvarna TE250. Touch device users, explore by touch or with swipe gestures. The carb comes out the right side of the bike. KTM 250XC 2-STROKE PROJECT. The FCR is a ridiculously complicated carb and hard to deal with. Lectron's H-Series carb slides work in conjunction with an increased bore taper to create more air flow (CFM) at low throttle positions. This is an product introduction with a review in progress. Triumph Thruxton Carburetors at BikeBandit. 00 out of 5 based on 20 customer ratings. Lectrons H-Series carb slides work in conjunction with an increased bore taper to create more air flow (CFM) at low throttle positions. Discover the. The design of the Lectron® is focused on two primary principles: 1. *SHIPS WITHIN 1 - 2 WORKING DAYS NEMA 5-15 CHARGER - Boosting 110V (Level 1 only) up to 16A, connect the charger to a voltage transformer or a sp. Lectron is celebrating 45 years of helping riders get the most from their vehicles with our high. Lectron is one of the most respected names in drag racing. I then rode the three days of the Tref and never once had to consider the carb or the fuelling. JD Jetting has a kit for the 2017 KTM two-strokes now using the Mikuni carburetor. Lectron US made carb , modified Lectrons are made in Texas , so i deceided to give mine a face lift so it would match the stripe color on my race bike (1969) by the way not no fancy new out the door stuff. MXA TEAM TESTED: TWIN AIR COMPLETE SEAT . com Lectron Carb Review. Used Parts. the needle better be right for every use from idle to wide open. Will not work with stock air box. Rated 5. Best known for making strong, consistent power in sports like two-stroke motocross, enduro and drag racing, Lectron is no stranger to the 4-stroke market, and H-D kits in particular. My carb the top line is return, the bottom is the in line. Pricing: $464. We have been selling parts for over 20 years! Carb Class: 5 Basic Carb Tuning Tips - Holley Blog Download the Carb Tuning Guide Watch the Super E & G Carb Basic Setup video. Additional Product Features. As advertised it compensates for changes in elevation and temperature but perhaps the big. Increased HP mtn-doo 11-23-2013, 04:32 PM so the web site doesn't really say much>please explain the differences of the lectron VS the /apt so I get it! Lectron Fuel Systems HD300 Carburetors are the smallest bore carburetor recommended for smaller bore motors or for more torque in larger motors. They where actually OEM on some Harley models in the late 70’s. APE AIR FILTERS FOR MIKUNI RS FLATSLIDES AND OEM SUZUKI CARBS. lectron carb review

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